Value Chain Roundtables

As providers of raw commodities and value-added products, Canada's agricultural and agri-food systems are world-renowned for their excellent quality, stringent food safety standards, dependable supply and innovative production and processing technologies. These strengths have all contributed to Canada's position as one of the world's primary food suppliers.

To maintain its leading position and foster sustainable growth, Canada's agricultural value chains must anticipate and keep pace with changing customer preferences and evolving international standards in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

To this end, the Value Chain Roundtables (VCRTs) were launched in 2003 as part of a shared vision between industry and government to enhance Canadian competitiveness and profitability. Bringing together key industry leaders from across the value chain – input suppliers, producers, processors, food service industries, retailers, traders and associations – with federal and provincial government policy makers, VCRTs have become central vehicles for:

  • identifying sector strengths and weakness
  • capitalizing on domestic and international market opportunities
  • sharing information and building trust across commodity sectors
  • identifying research, policy, regulatory and technical requirements
  • creating shared visions and cooperative long-term strategies
  • responding to crises.
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Value Chain Roundtables bring together key industry leaders from across the value chain - input suppliers, producers, processors, futher processors, food service, retailers, traders and federal and provincial government policy makers.

There are currently 11 national Value Chain Roundtables: Beef, Food Processing, Grains, Horticulture, Organic, Pork, Pulse Industry, Seafood, Seeds, Sheep and Special Crops. This website is a window into the workings of the national roundtables. It is designed to encourage dialogue and provide all stakeholders with up-to-date information on roundtable priorities, strategies, and research.